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Monday, June 27, 2011

ZZ Top: New Video Interview With Billy Gibbons; Rick Rubin To Produce New Album

Billy Gibbons says their album will release this year and tells fans to expect "a return to the roots". It will be music to the ears for many ZZ Top fans to hear that not only will be there be a brand new studio album before the year is out but that it will be a return to the hard rocking Texas blues of yesteryear.
Speaking with Fox 26, Billy Gibbons said that ZZ Top will release their first studio album since 2003’s Mescalero:
“We have stepped out and joined forces with Mr Rick Rubin. Rick has brought in his particular piece of magic. He said ‘you really don’t have to get much better, just do what you do – just turn it up and let’s go!’
Gibbons continued:
“We’re having a blast. It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s streamlined. It’s ZZ Top. It’s just what it is
“[The album title] is coming, that’s the next step. We’ve just finished tracking and wait for the mix
“I think since the music is a return to the early ZZ Top roots, I believe there’s always that Tex-Mex accompaniment. Don’t be surprised if we lean that way again.”
ZZ top are currently performing the European leg of their world tour before heading back to the US.

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