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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doro Pesch: Entire Hellfest 45 Min Show Posted Online

German metal queen Doro´s complete 45 minute set from Hellfest 2011, which took place in Clisson, France on June 19th, is now streaming in its entirety on YouTube. Check it out below. 

Back in March, Doro revealed she has written a new song as a tribute to Ronnie James Dio entitled "Hero". She discussed the track with in a recent interview:

"I was always such a big fan, like so many other people, just adored him and loved him. But there’s one song, we will be working on that and I think it will be wonderful. But I first want to show it to Wendy Dio and let her listen to it, so that’s one thing. I kind of want to make many versions of that song, I think it’s beautiful and I like it a lot. And we have some other songs but I don’t know which ones will make the record. Definitely the one for Ronnie; but everything else, we usually write as much as we can and pick and choose the nicest ones."

"It’s called ‘Hero’ and it has a beautiful melody and I would like to make many versions of it, like an acoustic version and a full-blown band version and maybe an orchestral version , and we are just working on it. I definitely want to take care of that one – that song’s nice. But first I want to let Wendy listen to it. I’m really hoping, but I’m sure she will like it a lot, ja. Every time everybody is listening to it in the studio everybody is crying and so – wow – so touching."

Go to 
this location for the in-depth interview with Doro Pesch. 

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