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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rush: New Interview

Canadian prog rockers Rush return to the UK this week to play the legendary "Moving Pictures" album in its entirety. got an exclisive interview. Read excerpts below:

rushonrock was granted exclusive access to Alex Lifeson and in the first instalment of a two-part interview he talks that record, touring and mixing the new with the old.
Look out for the second part of our Lifeson exclusive on Monday! 

rushonrock: Does playing "Moving Pictures" in its entirety pose any specific challenges?

Alex Lifeson: With "Moving Pictures" we do most of the main material live anyway. We’ve done pretty much all of it over the years. We haven’t played "The Camera Eye" in quite some time but we’ll be well rehearsed and practiced by the time we hit the UK! To be able to preserve all of the "Moving Pictures" album in a single show is something new and exciting for us. Neil (Peart) went to a Steely Dan show and was really impressed that they were doing a different album every night. I don’t think we could even think about doing that but this is what we can do!

rushonrock: Why choose to do a show like this now?

AL: We knew we were coming up to the 30th anniversary of "Moving Pictures" (released February 1981). It was our most commercially successful record and we wanted to get "The Camera Eye" back into the set in some way. Playing the entire album was an easy way to do that!

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