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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New York Dolls: Interview With Sylvain Sylvain

When New York Dolls decided to record their new album in Newcastle, Geordie native and rushonrock editor Simon Rushworth was more than a little intrigued. Read excerpts below.

He caught up with guitarist Sylvain Sylvain to talk Tyneside, gigging and brand new album "Dancing Backward In High Heels". rushonrock: Did you make the right decision to record in Newcastle?

Sylvain Sylvain: We had such a great time in Newcastle. I remember we’d walk up the street and around the corner from Blast Studios and there was a little store selling produce. The staff in there would always be telling us we were in the papers again and laughing and joking. People were coming out of the pubs when they saw us in the street just to shake our hands and we felt so at home.

rushonrock: Why did you choose to play your live shows first and then record the album?

SS: As soon as we arrived in the city we did three straight nights at The Cluny just to iron out a few kinks and try out the new stuff in the most natural of environments. That crowd was either going to like it or tell us it sucked and that’s what we needed. Once we’d done those gigs we were straight in the studio and we didn’t actually get out much!

Read the entire interview on Rush On Rock.

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