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Saturday, May 7, 2011

AC/DC: Planning Next World Tour

According to AC/DC News, in an interview to be published today (May 6th) in The Sun, AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young discusses the release of "Live At River Plate" and their survival through the years in the music business.

“We have such diehard fans, old and new. We’ve survived many changing fashions of music – we’ve outlived the lot of them.”

What may come as most newsworthy, however, is a quote from Young that confirms the band will embark on another world tour, which will apparently top the last `Black Ice` World Tour:

“Now we’re thinking, ‘How can we ever better the ‘Black Ice’ world tour?’ But we will.” 
All five members of AC/DC will be attending the Live At River Plate DVD world premiere screening, in London, England tonight May 6th at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo.

Rolling Stone caught up with singer Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young – hanging out in London last night and chain-smoking before tonight's premiere – to talk about the epic film, the perils of touring into your sixties, strippers and herbal tea. The following is an excerpt:

Q: Do you still make the same physical effort on stage as you used to?

Brian Johnson: "You’ll see us give it everything in Argentina. Even if you’re tired or whatever coming on stage, you get there and something happens. My rule is that if you’re not sweating when you come offstage, something’s wrong. The worst part is when Angus has to do something and I’m standing there and the cold air hits the sweat and I’m like [shudders]. But this is the last time these fans will see you until the next time. It has to be good."

Angus Young: "The fans want to see that you can still do it. They don’t want to say 'those guys used to be good'."

Read more at Rolling Stone

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