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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whitesnake: 30 Years Since The Release of "Come an` Get It"

"Come an` Get It" is the bands fourth album and was, at the time, Whitesnake's highest-charting release in the UK, hitting #2. "Come an` Get It" is gritty, bluesy and ballsy all at once. The production shines, thanks to Martin Birch. As where "Slide it in" is more straight ahead rock, "Come an` Get It", is more blues based.

It was recorded after "Ready and Willing", the album that is widely regarded as the best of the old and true Whitesnake. The band didn't lose the strength in this one. The ex-Purple Jon Lord and Ian Paice were still there. They were more discret than in Purple, but that just fits into the band concept: It was a song-oriented team, with no frills but just direct and melodic rock. Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden were the perfect guitarrists for such a band, Neil Murray was a highly dependable bass-player and David Coverdale was at his best. 

The first six songs are all highly enjoyable, from the cocky sing-along of the title track to the moody "Child of Babylon". Between the two, there are the testosterone rush of "Hot Stuff" (Lord and Paice kick ass in this one), the catchy "Don't Break My Heart Again", the bluesy "Lonely Days Lonely Nights" ("I've been burning my bridges/ For too many years..." Who has never felt this way?) and the philosophical statement "Wine, Women and Song" (great boogie fun).

This is real blues inspired rock from a bunch of incredibly talented musicians. Every song is a killer. This is what great rock music is suppose to sound like.

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