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Friday, May 20, 2011

Metallica: "...And Justice For All - Demos"; Samples Available

Invisible Oranges has posted demos of Metallica's 1988 album, "...And Justice For All". The prog/thrash opus is known for its compositional sophistication, but these incomplete demo recordings predate the bone-dry tightness of the finished album.

Says Cosmo Lee: "`...And Justice for All` is very much a construction - it practically pulsates with math; if it were a building, it would be a low-slung labyrinth - and these demos reveal its scaffolding. The songs exist in various states of completion. 'Blackened' is mostly done. Kirk Hammett isn't. It's fun to hear him fumble around, searching for the right notes... Lyrically, 'Eye Of The Beholder' has but a chorus. Lars Ulrich is, to put it politely, a very human drummer."

Check out the "One" demo below, and find more at this location

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