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Friday, May 20, 2011

George Lynch: "Don Dokken Is Just A Piece Of Shit"

Rob Cavuoto of Guitar International has just conducted an interview with legendary guitarist George Lynch. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Guitar International: I really thought the reunion (of the classic Dokken lineup) was going to happen when you went on Eddie Trunk's "That Metal Show". I assumed, as most fans, that this was a done deal.

George Lynch: I feel like a fool because I got played again for the last fucking time! Like an idiot I went along with it but looking back I see what he was really doing. He was blowing wind in his sails by creating the impression that there was a reunion pending. That people were going to wake up and pay attention, that his guarantees were going to go up, and people are going to show up to his shows thinking I'm in the band. If we did reunite we would all be working for him. He's a miserable guy and he will stay miserable in his own skin. I wouldn't want to have 100 million dollars and live in that guy's brain and skin. He is just a piece of shit.

Guitar International: I'm not sure Don has a lot of credibility these days and think most fans realize that.

George Lynch: When the band was intact, he had to maintain a certain level of professionalism. He had to maintain his voice, his behavior and what he said. He didn't like that. He is a very lazy person. He doesn't have a good work ethic and he surrounds himself with himself. He will never be happy. What he will never get, and I told him, it's not about the money and success, though you want people to hear the music. It's about giving the fans something they would like and enjoy. It's not about you, we are just the conduits. It comes through us but it's not about us. He doesn't get it. When musicians start to take themselves too seriously that's when it gets ugly in believing all the hype. My heroes are blue-collar people that work for a living. Not assholes like him who take credit for shit they don't do and expect everything handed to them on a silver platter. Have some respect for the people who are paying your bills.

Read more at Guitar International.

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