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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Triumph: Rik Emmett New Interview - Moving Beyond Categorization

Matt Warnock of Guitar International recently sat down with Rik Emmett to get his thoughts on working with Dave Dunlop, talk about Smooth Jazz as a label and find out the inside scoop on the rumors that Triumph is getting back together. Read excerpts below.

Matt: There are always rumors about Triumph reunited for a tour or a new record. Can you confirm or deny any of these rumors as far as any plans for Triumph in the coming years?

Rik Emmett: I can’t put them to rest, and the reason I can’t is because there’s nothing really going in. In a vacuum, people try and come up with stuff to fill the vacuum. There’s a Triumph website and people are talking about it a lot, but we’ve got nothing planed. In all honesty, Gil isn’t really all that keen on doing a full-time rock drumming gig right now.

When you’re pushing 60, being a rock drummer isn’t easy. I’ve maintained my playing chops over the past few decades, but the other guys were semi-retired. For the reunion shows we did a few years back, those guys had to bust their butts for a couple of months to get back into playing shape. We did 45 rehearsals for 2 gigs, something like that, because they hadn’t played. So, when you look back on that experience you think that it’s a lot of work for a few shows.

Gil is a busy guy. He’s got the recording studio and the production company. He’s always been a workaholic kind of guy. He’s also really into golfing, so he’s out on the course with Alex Lifeson and Tom Cochrane because he loves to do it. Then, Mike Levine is down in Jamaica every winter because that’s what he always did, so it would be tough to make it happen. I honestly doubt that anything solid would materialize, but I guess you never know.

Read the entire interview on this location.

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