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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tom Hamilton Is Writing a "Tell-All About Life As a Rock 'n' Roll Man" Book

While Steven Tyler has been busy counseling the pitchy and ogling the ladies on "American Idol," his band mates haven't exactly become couch potatoes.

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton told the Track he's in the throes of writing a tell-all about life as a rock 'n' roll man.

"I've written a few chapters of something I hope will turn into a fun read," Hamilton told
The Inside Track. "It's not a book about who (slept with) who and how much coke everyone snorted. It will be inspirational and full of excitement and exhilaration -- along with lies, cheating sex, drugs and everything everyone really wants to read about."

Hamilton said the book likely will be a fictionalized version of his memoirs of the past 40 years of rockin' with the Bad Boys of Boston.

"I'd like to dream up my own characters and situations but still be able to tell the personal side, the war stories."

Oh, we bet those are legion!

Tyler already has a deal in place for his autobiography, "Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?" and is due out in May. It reportedly will include a free CD of a new single by the Demon of Screamin'.

"I haven't really said anything publicly until now about it," Hamilton said. "I wanted to get enough done so that I have at least established a voice before talking to publishers or editors."

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