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Monday, April 4, 2011

Graham Bonnet Going To Canada

“Well I’d like to come and play Canada,” laughs Rainbow, MSG and Alcatrazz legend Graham Bonnet, when asked what his prime musical goals are as he reaches dangerously close to what is retirement age for the less hardy of heart.

“I would love to,’ continues the vocalist, who has been out enthusiastically singing the praises of his slick new website, “I would like to get the band up there, especially when we get some new stuff. I’ve never even been to Canada! I don’t know why. Very strange, Rainbow never went there, or any bands I’ve ever been with. And it’s one of those places I would love to see because I’ve got lots of friends who’ve moved up there, from Australia and from England. And it would be nice for them to see me (laughs). ‘This is what I’m doing; I’m still doing it’ (laughs). ‘What are you doing, Graham?’ I get these e-mails from Canada. ‘Are you still alive?’ ‘Yes!’ So I would love, if there are any promoters who would like to get in touch with me. I’d really like to know. Yeah, if you’ve got anybody you can put me in touch with, I would love to know.”

Continuing our chat, Graham floats the idea of creating a package, bringing up a recent gig he did in Ventura with Uli Jon Roth. We discuss Michael Schenker as a well, plus Y&T, unbeknownst to Graham, acts that also have rarely, if ever, been north of the border.

Read the entire interview on this location.

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