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Monday, April 25, 2011

K.K. Downing Answers Fans Regarding His Priest Retirement

K.K. Downing answers questions from fans online on his website Steel Mill. Fans asked about his retirement from Judas Priest, but also a number of other topics. A couple of excerpts can be read below.

On a possible solo album:
"I honestly can't say that i have any such plans at the moment. But one day, you never know."

On bootlegs:
"Bootlegs have been around ever since I can remember and I guess that they always will be. When I was younger I found it so frustrating waiting for a new release especially as back in the day it was the norm to play an album so many times that they actually wouldn't play anymore. Strange enough I never got tired of listening to them but as I say the bootlegs definitely helped to pacify us - until we could venture off to the record store to purchase the next masterpiece by our heroes."

You can read a lot more of the full Q/A on this location.

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