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Monday, April 25, 2011

AC/DC: "Let there be Rock" (Live in Paris '79); Full film

"Let There Be Rock" is the 1979 concert in Paris put on by the legendary AC/DC with their original lead singer Bon Scott. The concert was in support of "Highway To Hell" and a year later Bon would be dead and AC/DC would have the biggest seller of there carear with "Back In Black", but this one's about Bon.

The video is a blend of concert fottage and interviews with the band. The set list includes some of the bands hits like "Highway To Hell", "Rocker", "Sin City", and "Whole Lotta Rosie". Watching this vid really puts you up close with the band and gives you an insight as to the inner workings.

The interviews and back stage fottage is a double edge sword becouse as usual Bon and Lead guitarist Angus Young give the bulk of the interviews. Some of the questions borderline on inane like "Are you waiting for the third world war?", seem very foolish and forced but the movie has its moments of fun. The on stage fottage is fantastic and Bon comes off as both charming and affable. Angus and Malcolm Young along with drummer Phill Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams work in such perfect harmony with each other that it's not hard to see why AC/DC has such staying power.

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