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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guns n´ Roses "Use Your Illusion" Live 1992 Complete 180 Min

At this time in 1992, Guns n´ Roses were the greatest band in the world, with 2 albums released and 29 million copies sold only in USA! The first artist to win the Michael Jackson's MTV Awards (the golden moon man!) And this concert shows that the stage is where they feel more comfortable. The track-list is amazing - hits followed by more hits.

Axl was on top! The whole band was a hit! The Tokyo Dome totally full, about 20.000 Japanese having the pleasure of attend a collection of songs that now make part of the Rock 'N Roll history.

You can now watch 180 minutes of Guns n´ Roses at its very best below!

Guns'N'Roses. Use YOUR Illusion.1992.P.2

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