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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

David Lee Roth: 20 Years Since The Release Of "Eat `Em And Smile"

After parting ways with Van Halen under disputed circumstances in 1985, David Lee Roth returned with his first solo LP "Eat `Em And Smile" a year later. Roth had previously released a solo EP of lounge covers called "Crazy From The Heat" in 1985. However, for the new album, Roth rejected another set of all lounge covers and returned to a rock sound similar to his style with Van Halen. Roth hired as his new backing band three powerhouse musicians, bassist Billy Sheenan (later of Mr Big), drummer Gregg Bissonette and guitarist Steve Vai who had worked previously with Frank Zappa and Alcatrazz.

The album was a straight-forward hard-rock album and was a critical and commercial success, with Rolling Stone Magazine, among others, saying nothing on the album was as slick as any of the singles from Van Halen's "5150" album and much more "trashy fun". In a nod to his previous solo effort, there are two lounge songs included, "That`s Life" and "I`m Easy". David Lee Roth also included a cover of the popular hit "Tobacco Road". The album's first single, "Yankee Rose", was a staple of both MTV and radio!

DAVID LEE ROTH by asinette

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