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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steve Vai Talks About Setting New Guinness World Record

Steve Vai recently spoke to Correspondent Deb Rao regarding the upcoming online event in this exclusive interview for

Grammy Award winning guitarist Steve Vai is attempting to break the world record for “the world’s largest online guitar lesson” with Berklee Music on March 3rd. Steve will hold a 30-minute lesson online from New York City with a free online lesson. This is part of a national education campaign presented by Berklee Music. This one time event will take place at 1:30 P.M. EST on March 3rd at Livestream’s NYC studio. Participants can visit for more info. Read excerpts from the interview below. You are such a renowned guitarist; I think it is going to be really instrumental in your career that you are taking on this event. What is your goal in teaching the students at Berklee with your 12-week guitar lesson that is slated to begin April 4th? What goals have you set forth for the students?

Vai: "Being a touring and recording musician for the past 32 years there is a lot that I have learned and a lot that I have been through. When I look back at my career as a musician, as a developing musician and somebody that has always wanted to expand their horizons on the instrument I can see particular times and events that have brought me forward in my playing. I talk about things that the musicians are really interested in knowing. How you make it in the business, and how you get your music out there in the world. How do you find your own voice on the instrument? What is it like to tour? What should I really know? I talk about all of these things. My goal with the class is to inspire students to identify their own goals and to cultivate the excitement towards approaching them." How important is performing live versus learning in a class?

Vai: "I think there are things you can get from both. The class has instructors like I am saying. I am there for one session of the semester. For the rest of the class, they give you videos that I have made".

Read the entire interview on Brave Words.

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