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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scorpions: Matthias Jabs' MJ Guitars Shop "Vintage Show"

On March 5, a "vintage show" will be held at Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs' MJ Guitars shop in Munich, Germany and another event will be held the following week, on March 12, to celebrate the store's third anniversary. Jabs will be in the store both days to mingle with fans, talk guitars and sign autographs.

In the video clips below, Jabs introduces the viewers to MJ Guitars and its huge collection of guitars. You get to see plenty of Fender Custom Shop models, including several original, rare Fender Candy Apple Red Teles, 12-strings, Jaguars, Jazzmasters, Stratocasters and J and P Basses; all of Matthias' vintage and rare Gretsch and Gibson guitars, including a J-45, old ES-335s, '50s Les Pauls, original '60s SGs and an original Chet Atkins semi-hollow Gretsch model; you also walk through Matthias' collection of guitars he uses on tour with the Scorpions, including his famous 'Hurricane' Explorers, Explorer 90s, Strats and Firebirds.

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