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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KISS: Vintage Concert Review recently published an old review from a KISS gig back in 1973. Read the review below:

Hotel Diplomat, N. Y.

From the plethora of Gotham glitter-rock acts, comes Kiss, who already outshine most of the others in clean, pulsating rock 'n' roll, high in volume and excitement. Facial makeup is more weird than fey. Set momentum is unrelenting and solid.

Although all tackle vocals, lead usually falls to bass guitarist Gene Simmons, most ghoulish in appearance. Heavy black makeup around his eyes and white on rest of face is bat-like. His mugging is a theatrical plus, as is his vocal ability. Paul Stanley, who shares lead guitar with Ace Frehley, also usually shares vocals, but all four aid in that department. Drummer Peter Criss even makes screaming fun for the outfit that formerly had Wicked Lester as their handle.

While Simmons is the most extreme visually, all have some kind of mask effect around their eyes and satiny garb. Simmons removes a black jacket to reveal a black T-shirt with silvery skulls and cross-bones. But, it's in the music that Kiss catches hold and never lets go. They are the only headliners in the irregular show policy of this midtown hotel who have drawn good crowds, indicating Kiss is building a local following."

Here`s a clip from the same period. KISS performing "Cold Gin" at the Coventry. Enjoy!

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