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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hanoi Rocks "The Nottingham Tapes" (video)

Hanoi Rocks "The Nottingham Tapes", the footage in all its sleazy, gritty glory. As a piece of rock history it is priceless, as a piece of pure rock 'n' roll pleasure it is peerless. The concert is full of great footage from an awesome concert finding the band Hanoi Rocks at the height of its power.

The 23rd of April, 1984, at the Palais in Nottingham England is when and where we find the boys, benefiting from the presence of a video crew already amped and geared up from filming an all-day punk festival. What that crew, named Jettisoundz, captured is 58 minutes of punk/ glam/ blues-rock infused mayhem that feels too authentic, frenzied and vital to have come from anywhere but the distant past. Back then music seemed to mean more, and the kids were always ready to let loose.

You can now watch 2o minutes of the gig right here!

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