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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glenn Hughes Interview recently conducted an interview with legendary Glenn Hughes. Read excerpts below.

Singer and bassist, Glenn Hughes, has been rock royalty for over forty years. He’s fronted such legendary bands as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, but it’s his current band Black Country Communion - also featuring drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin), keyboardist Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater) and blues rock guitarist JoeE Bonamassa - that has him spreading the gospel of rock ‘n roll these days. recently caught up with the rock icon to discuss all things BCC and beyond. You’ve been Tweeting about the new Black Country Communion recordings. What can you tell me about the new music and when will the album be released?

Glenn Hughes: “No matter what walk of life you’re in, it’s really difficult to explain to someone that hasn’t heard or seen something… You can be conceived as being arrogant or self-centered, so it’s difficult for me to tell you what the album’s like because I don’t want to come off as being big mouthed. The matter of the fact is that if you're reading my stuff (Tweets), you’ll know I’m very excited. The great news about this one Mitch is that when we finished last one, we knew we were going to make another one. I’ve kept BCC on the front burner and I had more time to write. I’ve been writing since last May and I’ve come in with a lot of songs for the band – not for Glenn Hughes solo. The difference between this and the last one is that there was more time to write. It’s heavier than the first one. It’s darker than the first one. It’s the same blueprint and components as the first one, but just a bigger brother.” Were you surprised by the success of BCC? It was intended to be a supergroup, but really became a band. Were you surprised at the chemistry between the four guys?

Hughes: "I’m a firm believer in fate, karma and synchronicity in any walk of life. With me being the ‘elder statesman’, I knew when we put this together (Joe and I)… I’ve worked with all major guitar players except Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). So, if I form a band with a guitar player ‘A’ – he’s going to have to be very very talented, ‘B’ he’ll have to be a real nice guy (and that’s difficult with guitar players)… I knew Joe’s work ethic and I knew I could sit down with him and make something happen.”

Read the entire interview on this location.

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