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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Craig Goldy on his DIO days

Craig Goldy never received the media attention bestowed upon the other guitarists who played with Ronnie James Dio. His name is never mentioned alongside that of Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore or Vivian Campbell. It is Craig, however, that Ronnie chose to bring into the band when Vivian Campbell was removed. It was also Craig who got the call to replace Tracy G when he didn’t have the guitar chops worthy enough to be a member of Ronnie’s band. Read the full interview on Classic Rock Revisited.

"Craig: When Ronnie and I first met he used to have me over to his house and we would just hang out. One time he came walking into the room with an armful of equipment and he asked me to help him set it up. I helped him set it all up and we watched all of these old videos of when he played with Rainbow. We watched them and then we talked.

It was really late so Ronnie made me a bed on the floor and he put the sheets down and then the pillow and blanket – it was almost like he was tucking me in. I remember one time after he made me a bed, he gave me headphones so I could lie there and listen to Holy Diver before it was even done. I got to listen to that album before it was even finished as he tucked me in and said, “See you tomorrow.”

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