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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Manowar: The Day the Earth Shook - The Absolute Power

Sunday Concert Special: 

Manowar live at the Earthshaker Fest in Germany on July 23rd, 2005. The band played a selection of songs in accompaniment with the 50 member Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra. During the concert the band was joined on-stage by former band members Ross "The Boss" Friedman, David Shankle, Donnie Hamzik and Kenny Earl "Rhino" Edwards.

01- The Ascension
02- Manowar
03- Brothers of Metal
04- Call to Arms
05- Sun of Death
06- Kings of Metal
07- Sign of the Hammer
08- Screams of Blood
09- Blood of my Enemies
10- Kill with Power
11- Triumph of Steel Era Introduction
12- Metal Warriors
13- The Glory of Achilles
14- Battle Hymns Era Introduction
15- Metal Daze
16- Dark Avenger
17- Outlaw
18- House of Death
19- Herz Aus Stahl
20- Wagner Tribute
21- Prelude to Act III From Lohengrim
22- King of Kings
23- Hell on Wheels
24- Warriors of the World United
25- Hail and Kill
26- Black Wind, Fire and Steel
27- Battle Hymns
28- The Crown and the Ring - Credits

Line up:
Eric Adams (Vocals)
Scott Columbus (Drums and Percussion)
Karl Logan (Guitars)
Joey DeMaio (Bass Guitars)

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