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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Motörhead Live At Wacken 2013: 30 Minutes of Rock n Roll; Pro-Shot Footage Posted Online

German ZDFkultur aired the Motörhead performance at this years Wacken Open Air Festival. You can watch the footage below.

The band left the stage after just six numbers and details of exactly what happened are not yet totally clear. reports that Lemmy told the crowd: "I've been ill recently - I've come onstage to play some rock n' roll and fuck myself even more."

Apparently Phil Campbell was paying close attention to Lemmy during the whole of the set.

Motörhead played six songs and Lemmy looked "pale". The band apparently sounded good although they played slower than usual.

The band opened with "I Know How To Die", "Damage Case" and "Stay Clean" and after the fourth song, "Metropolis", Lemmy went for a "breather" and left Phil Campbell to solo away.

The band continued with "Over The Top" and "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch" then left the stage with no announcement or no warning. It is believed that Lemmy collapsed behind the speakers after the sixth song.

More photos here.

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