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Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Cemetary Gates: Saints & Survivors Of The Heavy-Metal Scene"; New Book Feat. Dio, Ozzy, Slash, Bon Scott, Lemmy, Cliff Burton + + +

Set for release this month via Plexus Publishing is the book "Cemetary Gates: Saints & Survivors Of The Heavy-Metal Scene" by Mick O'Shea.

A description of the illustrated paperback reads as follows: "Between genius and madness, this world and the next, there's nothing but the faintest flicker of a pulse and the cemetery gates.

"Packed with as many egos as one book can hold, 'Cemetery Gates' is the read that takes you inside the minds of the most twisted icons of heavy metal."

Featured artists:

* Ronnie James Dio
* Bon Scott
* John Bonham
* Peter Steele
* Cliff Burton
* "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott
* Paul Gray
* Layne Staley
* Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan
* Lemmy Kilmister
* Ozzy Osbourne
* Nikki Sixx
* Dave Mustaine
* Axl Rose
* Trent Reznor
* Slash
* Marilyn Manson
* Varg Vikernes
* Corey Taylor

Whatever their deadly sin - be it lust, greed, abuse of winged creatures or murder most foul - these prodigiously talented hellraisers have all come dangerously close to the edge. Tragically, not all of them have returned. Between tragic saint and raucous survivor, the line remains perilously thin.

"People ask me how I'm still alive and I don't know what to say", Ozzy once shrugged. "Cemetery Gates" provides the heaviest answer you'll find this side of heaven.

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