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Monday, April 15, 2013

Black Sabbath: "God Is Dead?"; Digital Single Available April 19

"God Is Dead?", a brand new single from Black Sabbath, will be made available digitally on April 19.

God is Dead? (8:54). This song slays. Very cool riffing and a good melody line. The B section is evocative of the Holy in the Sky riff but it still works really well. This is an excellent song, worthy of standing with anything in the Ozzy catalog (thought it lacks the instant memorability of Iron Man or Paranoid).

01. "End Of The Beginning" (8:07)
02. "God Is Dead?" (8:54)
03. "Loner" (5:06)
04. "Zeitgeist" (4:28)
05. "Age Of Reason" (7:02)
06. "Live Forever" (4:49)
07. "Damaged Soul" (7:43)
08. "Dear Father" (7:06)

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