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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KISS: "Hell`s Guardians"; Complete Film

"Hell's Guardians" contains interview material and archival footage. It begins with early and rare back stage dressing room footage where the band is putting on make up, and a good conversation from Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley arises. Also featured is an AJ Hammer interview looking back on KISStory aspects, a 20-minute press conference with the band from 1996, a MAD TV advert for KISS toys, surprise TV appearances by KISS, a KISS documentary, footage from Ace's birthday party at a bowling alley in 1996, and Ace's footage from his solo period in London. Plus much more!

An unauthorized collection of interviews both with the band and associates and friends of the band, "Hell's Guardians" provides an up-close look at one of rock's most enduring bands. From their early days as the reigning bad boys of rock to the present, this documentary provides fascinating insight into the rock and roll phenomenon that is KISS.

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