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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alice Cooper: New Interview Posted Online

Alice Cooper needs no introduction. He called in to head office recently for a twenty minute ‘sprint’ interview (by Mitch Lafon). Speaking about his upcoming tour with Iron Maiden, his role in the Tim Burton movie Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, and so much more. 

Read excerpts below: You’ll be on tour this summer with Iron Maiden. What kind of Alice Cooper show can fans expect? Full show or more bare bones? 

Alice Cooper: “When you’re the guest star on somebody else’s tour... We’ll be doing about an hour, so it’ll be more of a sprint. We’re going to do all the hits of course, but it’ll be a very high energy show. We’re going to pack as much stuff as we can into one hour.” Kind of like what you did at the Harley Davidson show in Montreal (at the Bell Centre) back in January...

Cooper: “Well, that was pretty bare bones. That was no theatrics at all. This will have the guillotine and all that stuff. Then when we do our own headline shows... Iron Maiden only work two or three nights a week and we’re used to working five or six nights a week. So, on what will be their night off; we’ll be doing our own show (our one hour and forty minute show) in other venues. We don’t like too many nights off (that’s just the way we are).” But you also don’t like to do too many shows in a year...

Cooper: “We do a hundred shows/ hundred cities which takes four or five months.” That’s a nice way to do a tour at this juncture...

Cooper: “Yeah, I think so. We used to do sixty-five cities in seventy-two days when we we’re doing Nightmare. That was ridiculous, but when you’re twenty-seven years old - you’re indestructible. Our show now... I’m sixty-four years old and I was twenty-seven during Nightmare. I have, by far, more energy in this show than I had then because that’s back when I was drinking. It was focused and I never missed a show and you wouldn’t know that I was drinking on stage. In fact, I never did drink on stage - just drinking in general; you’ll notice that this show (now) will be a lot higher energy than the Nightmare show was.” 

Read the entire interview here.

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