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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Slash: Talks New Solo Album In Revolver Mag Interview

For fans who’ve tracked the broken glass and ruby slipper journey of Guns N’ Roses’ lead guitarist since the release of "Appetite for Destruction" two days before his 22nd birthday 25 years ago this July, one can’t help but be radioactive with enthusiasm. "Apocalyptic Love" is not just a new record by the storied musician with the black top hat and magical gift for riff; for Slash and his three co-conspirators, it is, indeed, destiny. And everyone involved is poised for the ride.

Revolver Magazine recentley conducted an interview with Slash, talking about his new solo album album. Read excerpts below:

“The entire album was recorded like a live performance record where the band was all set up together in the big room,” observes producer Eric Valentine, whose Barefoot Recording Studios in Hollywood provided the fertile sonic soil for Love to blossom. “Slash played his solos live as the drums were going down. The vocals were overdubbed because [vocalist] Myles Kennedy was playing rhythm guitar live. The whole thing is Todd Kerns’ bass, Brent Fitz’s drums, and two main guitars. Slash played the solos while the band was jamming so we didn’t have to go back and overdub solos either, which he really dug.”
“It was important to capture the essence in that big room because as long as I’ve been doing studio recordings, I’ve always wanted to keep my guitar tracks from the actual live playing with the band,” adds Slash. “And I’ve kind of re-done them because I never enjoyed playing with headphones on. So Eric built this small room within the main room just for me, which he called the Slash Box, where I could play my parts and solos and still see the band, which worked great.”
Read the entire interview here.

Listen to the single, "You`re A Lie" in the YouTube clip below:

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