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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

KISS: "Alive II"; Celebrating The 35th Anniversary; Complete Budokan April 2, 1977 Concert Available

The origins of "Alive II" go back to early 1977 when the band's manager Bill Aucoin, had the idea to have Eddie Kramer record a live album during the evening show at Budokan Hall in Tokyo on April 2, 1977. You can now watch the complete concert in the clip below!

The plan was to release a live album to give KISS some much deserved time off before recording the album that would become "Love Gun" later that fall. Kramer finished work on the album, but Casablanca Records and KISS deemed it unusable, and the band forged ahead with the "Love Gun" sessions.

Most of the live tracks on "Alive II" were recorded during the band's August 26–28 shows at the Los Angeles Forum while on the "Love Gun" tour. The 3:00 PM soundchecks at the August 26 and 27 shows were recorded, and later used on the album (i.e. "Tomorrow And Tonight") with crowd noise being dubbed in later. "Beth" and "I Want You" were lifted from the aborted Japanese live album and used on the finished "Alive II". As the band did not want to duplicate songs included on "Alive!", the songs chosen for the three live sides of the album were all drawn from KISS' three preceding studio albums – "Destroyer", "Rock And Roll Over" and "Love Gun". 

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Also listen to the great PodKISSt featuring "The Voice of Alive II", Eddie Balandas!

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