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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Black Sabbath: To Headline Lollapalooza On August 3rd

Black Sabbath will headline the Lollapalooza festival on Friday, August 3rd .

"Every festival in the world wanted Black Sabbath to perform, but at the time of the announcement they had to back off and cancel all their shows," Farrell tells RollingStone from São Paulo, Brasil, where the Jane's Addicition frontman was on hand to debut the South American country's first-ever installment of Lollapalooza last weekend. "It broke my heart, but I just kind of kept a little fire building, a little kindling going to see if possibly we could get Black Sabbath. I didn't have much faith." (...) "They mean so much to me, and they mean so much to music in general, that I kind of feel like I'm dreaming to know that Black Sabbath is actually gonna perform at Lollapalooza," says Farrell.

Drummer Vinny Appice revealed that he has not been approached to fill in for holdout Bill Ward on the forthcoming Black Sabbath tour dates. Appice, who currently plays in Kill Devil Hill, said, "No, I haven't heard a peep. And that's why, even when I'm communicating with Tony, it's on a friendship level. I never write in 'Hey man, what's happening?! Hey how you feeling? Feeling good? Oh, good! Hey, what's going on with the band? I'd love to do that!' I never do that. I never did that with Sabbath at all, or with Dio. I've always been asked to be in a band..." Metal Insider

It has not yet been confirmed if Bill Ward`s gonna join the original line up. Stay tuned for updates!

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