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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Accept: New Album "Stalingrad" Is Now Streaming On Spotify

The brand new album, "Stalingrad", by Accept is now streaming on Spotify: Accept – Stalingrad

Metal Assault gave it 9.5 of 10 in a recent review:

"The lively, epic and catchy “Hung Drawn And Quartered” is the opening tune, and the best possible start this album would have hoped for. The band seems to have continued from where they left off in “Blood Of The Nations”, with some great hooks, melodies and solos. This quintessential Accept tune will be nothing short of pure delight for the fans. The title track comes next, and interestingly, it’s straightaway reminiscent of the title track of “Blood Of The Nations”, at least in terms of the vocals and the main riff. But unlike that tune, it doesn’t follow a typically consistent song structure and ventures off into ballad territory in its latter half, and overall, I think it’s relatively more melodic. It took me by surprise to be honest, and I didn’t expect the band to change things so much, simply because Blood Of The Nations worked so well for them."

Read the full review here.

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