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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tooth And Nail Forced To Change Band Name

Tooth And Nail - the new project featuring current and former members of Dokken --George Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass), and Mick Brown(drums) - has been forced to shorten its name to T&N for legal reasons. The band states, "We cannot keep [the name] as Tooth And Nail as there is a label that has it trademarked. [Fans] can still call us TO$%H AND NA$L... We can't."

T&N last week taped an appearance on an episode of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" which will air on April 14.

T&N's debut album is expected later in the year. The CD will feature new original material as well as reworked versions of around five or six Dokken classics. Pilson has contributed vocals to a new track title "When Eagles Die", with additional lead vocal duties on the CD by former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach (on Dokken's "Alone Again"), Doug Pinnick(King`s X), Tim "Ripper" Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen,Judas Priest, DIO Disciples) on a killer new version of Dokken's "Kiss Of Death" in what is described as a Ronnie James Dio-inspired performance) and Mick Brown (on Dokken's "When Heaven Comes Down"). The drum tracks on the new, original compositions were laid down by Brian Tichy (Whitesnake,Foreigner).

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