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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bon Jovi: New Song "What About Now" Snippet Posted Online; Video

Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi welcomed "Person To Person" into his home for a report on the February 8th edition of the program. Check out the feature below, as well as a demo preview of the new song, 'What About Now', to be included on Bon Jovi's forthcoming new album.


  1. I hope Jon kept his stupid politics out of their music, for this next CD {unlike The Circle}. .. I (and a lot of people) will not buy it, otherwise. He's an idiot, politically, but no one can tell him anything because his mind is made up. Bring us the good time rock and roll! A song about friendship? Ok. Love ballad? Fine. His precious president never did put the people back to "Work! for the working man" ... This is the band's last chance, with me.

  2. yet you couldnt resist putting your political spin on it! I'm sure Jon Bon would be just fine if he lost you as a fan, either emotionally or financially.

  3. @Padraic

    lol dude u mad. Bon Jovi is a great singer and DOES NOT put politics into his songs a lot!! (just look at "Dear Mr. President - P!nk)... As much as you don't like BJ to put polotics into his music, no one wants to read your unqualified comment here!
    And only coz he's not voting for "your" party doesn't mean he's an idiot!!!
    And don't fucking compare songs to what politicians do!!!!

    I kinda hope he puts in some politics just to get rid of "fans" like you.

    To say it with the words of BJ: "Have a nice day"