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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ace Frehley: Talks KISS, New Guitar, 2012 Plans In New Interview

Ace Frehley spoke to Noisecreep about his new guitar, KISS, and what he has in store in 2012. Read excerpts below:

NC:Congratulations on the gorgeous new guitar. You could have played anything back in 1977- why a Les Paul?

ACE: Well, I'd already used it for so many years. It was my #1 guitar for a long time. It just always felt right to me in every way. Physically, the Les Paul neck has a 6% grade, that is to say you lay it flat and the neck is arched with that slight angle. So you get a really unique sustain. Plus, I just always loved the look of a Les Paul. Come on, a Les is like the definition of rock 'n' roll. Gibson did an amazing job with the new ones. Their people there are the best. And the feedback has been incredible – we're almost all sold out of the really limited ones.

NC: Back then, you rigged your Les Paul to do some interesting things – smoke bombs, fire – did anyone ever give you any flack for messing with such a classic model guitar?

ACE: Nah, not really, no negative feedback. And what was cool was that in a group like KISS, there were no financial problems; we could pretty much do whatever we dreamed up. So we had some fun.

Read the entire interview on Noisecreep.

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