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Monday, January 9, 2012

Van Halen: Jim Florentine’s Van Halen Cafe Wha? Podcast (Includes LIVE Concert Audio)

Comedian Jim Florentine is the co-host of VH1′s ‘That Metal Show’ and Special Ed from Comedy Central’s ‘Crank Yankers’. He’s also a huge Van Halen fan who had the privilege of attending the band’s private Cafe Wha? show last week, calling it “a dream come true.”

His first episode of his “Comedy Metal Midgets” podcast this year is entirely about Van Halen. We highly recommend listening to his unique and humorous account of attending the exclusive Cafe Wha? show. It’s 48 minutes long, 18 of which is a LIVE recording of Van Halen performing at the cafe! Although it’s just an audience recording, it’s definitely the best sounding audio that’s surfaced from the concert. The band tears through “You Really Got Me”, “Runnin’ With The Devil” and “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”.

Listen to the FREE Podcast here, or view it in iTunes here.

(Thank you, VHND)

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