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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

KISS: Is This The "Monster"?

KISSfaq has posted what looks to be a black and white version of the upcoming KISS album, "Monster". Check it out above.

KISS' Gene Simmons remarked recently about the newly-completed "Monster": "Without overstating the obvious, when you hear the album, every single track rocks. No ballads. No outside writers. No keyboards. No children's choirs. No nothin'. Just meat and potatoes."

KISS frontman Paul Stanley says they will begin mixing "Monster" this week. He revealed a few new song titles from their upcoming album, "Monster", to Classic Rock magazine. They include:

'Shout Mercy'
'Out Of This World'
'Wall Of Sound'
'Hell Or Hallelujah'
'It's A Long Way Down'
'Back To The Stone Age' 

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