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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aerosmith: Joe Perry Talks New Album And More On Twitter Q/A

On December 29th, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry treated fans and himself to a two-hour long Q&A session through his personal Twitter page.The evening was filled with an array of questions - some personal, some music related. Here are some of the highlights from Joe Perry’s fan Twitter Q&A courtesy of AeroForceOne

Q: What is your favorite song to perform live?
Joe Perry: “It’s usually a song I haven’t played in a while.”

Q: Do you ever get stage fright anymore?
Joe Perry: “No just excited.”

Q: Do you regret leaving the band for that short period or do you think it helped you as an individual?
Joe Perry: “No I think it did me a world of good.”

Q: When was the moment that you knew you guys were gonna be big and how did it feel?
Joe Perry: “We came back to Boston and played at a high school and there was a line around the building. It felt like the first time…” 

Q: What goes through your head before you get on stage and kick its ass?
Joe Perry: “As much as I try to relax, the last 10 mins is always a frenzy. And when the tape is rolling, I’m still buttoning my pants.”

Q: What’s your favorite Aerosmith album?
Joe Perry: “My fav would be the first one Aerosmith and the one we are working on now, but then, it’s always that way.”

Q: Will you ever release your own book?
Joe Perry: “Yes I’m working on a book now.”

Q: What’s the best band you’ve ever seen live?
Joe Perry: “I’d say that Cheap Trick is the most consistently great band and I’ve seen them dozens of times.”

Q: Which is your favorite guitar?
Joe Perry: “Right now I have an old Fender Strat I love and I’m playing a lot on this new CD.”
You can read the rest on Joe's Twitter Page

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