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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ronnie James Dio: "Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography Of Ronnie James Dio"; Autobiography Set For 2012

Ronnie James Dio’s autobiography is to be published in 2013.

Talking at the Key Club in Hollywood, at an event to celebrate the life and music of Dimebag Darrell, Dio’s widow Wendy (who has taken on the task of finishing the book revealed that she will deliver the completed work on January 15, and it will be published by MTV Books in autumn 2013.

It’s to be called "Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography Of Ronnie James Dio".

Wendy Dio was asked about the status of "Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography Of Ronnie James Dio", the revealing memoir of the heavy metal master, which was three-quarters written before the singer's death and which will be published in the fall of 2013 via MTV Books.

"I have to deliver it by January 15th," she said. "I'm writing the last few pages. I'm finding all the photos to go with it. I deliver it January 15 so it comes out a year and a half later."

On the topic of whether there is any previously unreleased Black Sabbath material with Ronnie available that will eventually see the light of day, Wendy said, "Yes. But that's another story, because there are three managers involved. And we have to discuss that, but I'm sure everybody's gonna be great, especially if we give it to the charity."

With nearly five decades of worldwide success and album sales in the tens of millions as the front man of ELF, Rainbow, DIO, Black Sabbath, and, most recently, Heaven & Hell, Ronnie James Diograbbed the mic, took the stage, and led a movement whose influence resonates to this day.

"Ronnie was a very special person," Wendy said. "Not only was he an amazing vocalist, amazing songwriter, he was an amazing person as a human being. He loved people. He loved his fans. He listened when people spoke. A lot of times people don't listen. He listened. He remembered people's names. He remembered their children's names. He was just a very, very special person. He was taken too soon from us. . . I don't think anyone's ever said a bad word about Ronnie except for [former DIO and current Def Leppard guitarist] Vivian Campbell. [Laughs]"


  1. ahhh man i wish i could have met him but i was born too late. i just listen to my favorite two songs over and over

  2. Gee, Wendy is a gorgeous woman. It's no wonder the God of Rock'n'Roll was with her.