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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vote For The Top 5 Deep Purple Studio Albums

Deep Purple have recorded 18 studio albums since their very start in the late 60`s. Some of them are true classics! They have undergone many changes in the line-up - with only drummer Ian Paice as the constant member. And hey! - what a great drummer!

In anticipation of the new studio album, scheduled to be released sometime during 2012 - it`s time to make a Top 5 list.

So, sit back and listen to all the amazing music from the legendary Deep Purple. Have fun and vote for the Top 5 Studio Albums!

Get samples from the entire Deep Purple catalogue

November Poll: Vote for the Top 5 DEEP PURPLE studio albums (multiple choise)
Shades of Deep Purple
The Book of Taliesyn
Deep Purple
In Rock
Machine Head
Who Do We Think We Are?
Come Taste The Band
Perfect Strangers
The House of Blue Light
Slaves and Master
The Battle Rages On...
Rapture of the Deep free polls 

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