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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tony Iommi: "Iron Man"; Review From

Read Joe Siegler`s from review of «Iron Man» by Tony Iommi:

«I sat down, and read it cover to cover in one go. Took me about six hours or so, but there you are. As I've said, when you know the subject matter, it makes the reading go faster. There's been many books written about Tony Iommi & Black Sabbath over the years (Steve Rosen, Mike Stark, Martin Popoff, Garry Sharpe-Young, heck, Ozzy too just to name a few), but this was different. This was from Tony himself. That alone elevated it above just about any other book out there on the subject. The question is, how deeply would Tony get into things? There's a LOT of things to talk about. Even if he talked about nothing personal, all the bazillion lineup changes within the band themselves would take up a substantial book. But this isn't just about Sabbath, it's about Tony...

Anyway, I sat down to read this, and the first thing that jumped out at me is the number of chapters. There's bloody NINETY of them. The book overall is 369 pages long, so it makes for some really short chapters. That's kind of the problem with a book about Tony's life. There's so many bits you want to read about, that someone like me probably isn't going to be satisfied unless each of the ninety chapters was 369 pages long EACH. Now granted, that's me. But I suspect if Tony wrote a book long and detailed enough to satisfy someone like me, he might not finish before he departs the Earth. :)

But what we did get was fairly comprehensive. He covers all kinds of subjects, and while some of them are shorter than I would have liked (the "Lita Ford" chapter is just two pages), he does cover just about every part of his life you'd probably want to know about. Even for someone like me who knows most of the stories, there were still a couple of Black Sabbath bits I didn't know about, so that was cool. But the bits about his personal life were very cool. If you know your Sabbath trivia, you have heard the story about him losing the tips of his fingers rather a lot. Might have heard of a few band names he was in before that (Rockin' Chevrolets, The Move, etc), but before his band days, not so much. That was the most interesting bits for me. It wasn't just his childhood, there were several personal bits scattered through the Sabbath time, too.»

Read the full report here

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