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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Motörhead: "When Faced With Temptation, I Always Gave In Immediately", Says Lemmy

John Dingwall of recently conducted an interview with Motörhead mainman Lemmy. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On groupies:

Lemmy: "It's the funny thing. I have never heard a man in a band say the word groupie. It is usually something women call other women. I've always said the enemy of women is not guys. It is other women. But that was the old days when the women went out of their way for Motörhead. Women don't go to extreme lengths to get at Motörhead no more. We're too ugly and old. I don't think anybody ever went to extremes to get to me but luckily I went to extreme lengths to get to them so it worked out."

On why he has never settled down:

Lemmy: "I once said that I slept with 1000 women and the press said it was 2000. I don't know why you would need to exaggerate that or why people think it ridiculous to sleep with 1000 women. Gene Simmons of KISS slept with 5000 and took pictures of them all and put them on his fridge. I didn't take pictures of all of mine because I started before there was Polaroids. Why would I settle down? It is not a good job to get settled down in this industry because you're away seven months of the year. Be real, nobody's going to stay faithful all that time out of every year so it is best not to pretend. I'm sure there are some guys that don't run around. I always found it impossible. When faced with temptation, I always gave in immediately."

On being fired by his old band, Hawkwind, when he spent five days in prison charged with cocaine possession:

Lemmy: "It was death. But there is life after death. I thought it was really low because they were supposed to be the most stoned band in the world and they turned on me for getting busted. It didn't do them any good. But there is no point in looking back. That just makes you wish you had done things differently. And there is no point in regrets in your life because that means you are just worrying about the first bit."

On whether he has any intention of retiring:

Lemmy: "When we started out it wasn't a certainty we would even carry on. The band went straight down the toilet as it happens. We made the first album to leave something behind. We're still here. But everybody is destructible. It's like you have to hang on the best you can and be the best you can while you're doing it. I look at the Stone Roses though and think the reunion must be awkward for them. There they are after everything they said about each other and it must be terrible on that bus."

On the rock and roll lifestyle:

Lemmy: "If you are in the band it is quite easy being on the road because you get perks. The rider is crackers and cheese, two bottles of Jack Daniels, a bottle of wine, and beer. I do my best."
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