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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

KISS: Gene Simmons Talks "Monster" Album/DVD/Book/Tour; "Destroyer" Remix

A "deliriously happy" Gene Simmons dropped by Planet Rock in London for an interview with on-air personality Rob Birnie on Tuesday. As previously reported, Simmons is in town to host the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour awards on Nov. 9.

In this particular intimate sit-down interview, Simmons discussed a variety of topics such as his recent marriage, politics and "karaoke" music television shows. Interestingly, Simmons also outlined plans for a "Destroyer" project that will include a Bob Ezrin album remix, bonus tracks and original "banned" artwork. He also discussed plans for "Monster," which will entail not only an album but a "Monster"-branded DVD and book and 100-city support tour.
A few quote excerpts follow:

"'Monster' is a monster KISS record that harkens back to 'Destroyer,'" said Simmons. "In fact, 'Destroyer' is being remixed -- [there are] some outtakes and other versions and the cover is going to be slightly different. [The album will feature] the original painting which was banned. And Bob Ezrin is remixing [the album] now.'

"'Monster' is going to be coming out in the new year as well as a 10-hour DVD called 'Monster,' along with a 4-foot high, 3-foot-wide KISS book called 'Monster.' It's funny, they're all called 'Monster' for some reason. I guess because your girlfriend has been lying to you all this time, size does count."

"We're planning a 100-city worldwide tour starting in the summer or so."

The interview is available on-demand at Click on the On-Demand tab, scroll down and select Rob Birnie and click the Tuesday, November 8th podcast. The interview with Simmons begins at 2:!0:50.
In related news, read a new feature on Simmons in "The Independent" HERE.

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