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Friday, November 25, 2011

Girlschool: New Audio Interview Posted Online

Gary Clarke, who presents the re-launched rock show "Rockulus Maximus" (described as "the most northerly rock show on the U.K. mainland") last week conducted an interview with Denise Dufort and Jackie Chambers of veteran British female hard rockers Girlschool. You can now listen to the chat below.

Girlschool recently re-recorded its classic 1981 album "Hit And Run"to celebrate the LP's 30th anniversary. "Hit And Run Revisited" was released on September 26th via Wacken Records through UDR as a digipack, LP and digital download.

"Hit And Run" was originally made available in March 1981, followed a short time later by a single featuring the title track. Both releases were very successful in the U.K., with the album reaching position No. 5 and the single No. 32 on their respective charts. The LP also charted in New Zealand and in Canada, where it went gold.

Girlschool's current lineup is amazingly the same as it was in 1981, apart from Jackie Chambers, who replaced the late Kelly Johnson. Guitarist/vocalist Kim McAuliffe states about the album, "We've made quite a few changes. But I'm not gonna say anything about them because we're hoping that our fans will notice for themselves, just to see how well they know the original ones. Of course it's a different sound, we haveJackie play now, obviously, instead of Kelly, and also again, studio-wise it's just a completely different experience because the technology now is incredible compared to what we had in those days."

The U.S. version of "Hit And Run", which came out in 1982, featured a different track listing, including songs from Girlschool's first album,"Demolition".

Girlschool's 30th-anniversary album, "Legacy", was released in Europe in November 2008 via Wacken Records/SPV. "Legacy"features a plethora of special guests, including Tony Iommi, Ronnie James Dio,Lemmy, Phil Campbell, "Fast" Eddie Clarke and a couple of members of Twisted Sister. 

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