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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Deep Purple: New "Live & Rare"; CD / 2LP

This is a re-release of the original digi-pak edition (PUR 209 – long out of print), an interesting collection of various one-off live tracks, none of which had been issued officially before until this title (although some have surfaced on bootlegs), repackaged to match other titles in the collection.

All the material comes from the Mk 2 Deep Purple line up. As we know despite their success on stage little material from the band’s live shows was ever released at the time, despite this being the period when the group made their reputation. The tracks span the years 1969 to 1971 and include several unique performances.

"Wring That Neck" is a long instrumental from a bootleg of a show in Amsterdam in August 1969, one of the earliest recordings of the famous Mk 2 line-up where they were able to stretch out in proper progressive rock style; "Child In Time", the band’s anthem in 1970 (originally laid down on the "In Rock" LP) was recorded live in Manchester in July that year; the version of the single "Black Night" was specially recorded for TV in September 1970 after becoming a surprise top ten hit; "Strange Kind Of Woman" comes from a very early American gig at Long Beach Arena in 1971, one of their first there as headliners; "Into The Fire" and "Demon’s Eye" are live recordings from Germany in 1971, tracks not often played live. The CD concludes with two bonus items, ten minute edits of "Wring That Neck" and "Mandrake Root" from Holland in August 1969, which feature some really astonishing playing from the band. Quality is pretty good given the sources, and as always restoration has been done – but not overdone.

As well as the CD, the title is finally issued on vinyl for the first time on the vinyl label Darker Than Blue. This is a double album set. The two discs are packaged in colour bags, with notes and images, inside a smart outer sleeve with rare photographs front and back. Pressing is limited. It is available at DTB Online store.

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