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Monday, November 21, 2011

AC/DC: "Fantography - From Hammersmith To Bilbao 2003-2010"; New Deluxe Photo Book

On October 21st, 2003, AC/DC played the Hammersmith Apollo, a one-night only gig for only 5,000 lucky fans. Matteo Abruzzo and Stonebreaker were in the audience that night, with their cameras. Eight years later, and after attending more than 60 AC/DC different concerts in total, they meet again in the same London theater to celebrate the end of the record-breaking "Black Ice" world tour, and the release of the "Live At River Plate" DVD. 

"Fantography - From Hammersmith To Bilbao 2003-2010" is their photo tribute to the the setlist of the most successful tour of the greatest rock `n` rollband in the world, with a very special flashback to the 2003 show. A deluxe limited-edition photo book made by hardcore fans for hardcore fans. 

* Hardcover, 112 pages 
* Landscape format, 21x29.7 cm, 170g paper 
* High-quality four-color print 
* More than 150 exclusive photos by Matteo Abruzzo and Stonebreaker (many of them previously unpublished) from 32 concerts in Europe, Australia and the USA. 

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