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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Metallica: James Hetfield Talks 30 Year Anniversary, Lou Reed and Big 4 In New Video Interview

Jose Mangin, host/producer's web-only show "Headbangers Ball", conducted an interview with Metallica guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield prior to the band's September 14, 2011 performance at the "Big Four" concert at the Yankee Stadium in New York City. You can now watch the chat below.

On the possibility of more "Big Four" shows in the future:

"I don't know. Never say never, but I think it’s kind of run its course as far as Europe, for sure, and the two on the coasts here. I think it's done what it needs to do for now, and then we'll go our separate ways, do our albums, do our things. Megadeth's got their album just out, Anthrax have an album. I'm not sure what's up with Slayer. Metallica's gonna do our album. And who knows what happens in the future? It could be the 'Big Ten' and then we include… Who knows?! No limitations, man. But this has been a blast. And I think this might be the last one for at least a little while."

On Metallica's upcoming musical collaboration with Lou Reed, entitled"Lulu":

"[It's ] based on a late 1800s play, based on a woman, a siren who ends up being man's ruin. Everyone falls in love with her, but they can't stop. And she has no regard for them, no soul — kind of soulless — and just out to party and whatever… You look at her two ways — she's just doing what she wants or she's out to really break some hearts or something. And she's very captivating, though. But the feel of being in love with something so much that you've lost yourself. But this person has no regard for you… Anyway, it's pretty deep. It's a very adult kind of concept. But it's historic. Throughout history, that has happened. And at the end of this, there's this whole thing where she's a prostitute and she ends up taking on Jack The Ripper as a 'john,' and he does the ultimate supreme violation, which is [makes throat-cutting motion with his hand]."

"Lou came with the lyrics; the lyrics were all finished. The lyrics are
intense, and every time that I listen to this thing, there's a line that I pull out and I just gnaw on that potent little thing all day. It's like, 'Man…' It's deep, and without getting too artsy-fartsy, you can take it to another level. It's not party rock, that's for sure. It's deep, dark and intense."

On Metallica's upcoming 30-year-anniverary concerts in San Francisco:

"30-year anniversary for Metallica and Metallica fans. 30 years… Celebrating that at the Fillmore, four nights, in San Francisco [in December]. And [comedian] Jim's [Breuer] gonna get up and MC. And who knows what will happen, man?! We'll have contests, we'll have…. Who knows what goes on?! It'll be Metallica insanity. And we're trying to invite as many of the people who have jammed with us on albums or on stages, whatever, or songs we've done from them, we're trying to get them up on stage for the 30-year anniversary… Hopefully Lemmy andOzzy [Osbourne] and Tony [Iommi], the Diamond Head guys, and who knows?! Whoever we've toured with as well. C'mon up — let's have some fun and celebrate."

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