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Monday, October 3, 2011

Bruce Kulick Talks Eric Carr in New Interview

Twenty years after his sad and tragic passing, Eric Carr’s family have put together a commemorative CD called «Unfinished Business». The album features unreleased tracks that Eric had worked up for KISS and tracks that were newly completed using Eric performances from his days in the band. Bruce Kulick lent a helping help to the Carr family to make the CD come alive. Kulick sat down with to remember his friend. Read excerpts below: How did you get involved with the Eric Carr «Unfinished Business» album and why did you want to be involved?

Bruce Kulick: “I have to be honest with everyone. I wasn’t aware that there was much more of anything music wise regarding Eric available anywhere, but Loretta (Eric Carr’s sister) kept digging for things. When I did Rockology, I thought that was pretty much it and I wasn’t too clear about what to do with the song Dial L For Love (which is why it didn’t get used). Through the years she found things and she created some new things too. She took some of the tracks and had people sing over them. I had no problem with that and I actually enjoy the results. Even though, I’m talking about the record, I should be clear with everyone - I didn’t have my hand in putting it together. It was actually a pleasant surprise to me and, of course, I love talking about Eric because I felt very close to him and I want his memory to be celebrated as much as possible.” The biggest surprise for me is that they took his vocal from his KISS audition tape and created a ‘new version’ of Shandi. Was that a big surprise for you as well?

Kulick: “Absolutely and the result is very cool. They had a young girl (Marcia Juell) sing on it with him. The whole thing was really interesting - especially how creative and aggressive Loretta was to make some new things that people can enjoy. I’m very happy that she spent the time.” 

Read the entire interview on BraveWords.

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