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Monday, September 5, 2011

Uriah Heep: Official Bootleg Vol 4: Live in Brisbane Australia 2011; Out In September; Samples Available

The "Official Bootleg Vol 4: Live in Brisbane Australia 2011" will be released through Earmusic on September 13th, 2011.

Song TitleTimePrice
Listen  1. Wake The Sleeper5:34£0.79
Listen  2. Return To Fantasy5:03£0.79
Listen  3. Only Human3:51£0.79
Listen  4. Book Of Lies4:33£0.79
Listen  5. Bird Of Prey3:52£0.79
Listen  6. Stealin'6:18£0.79
Listen  7. Rainbow Demon5:05£0.79
Listen  8. The Wizard5:02£0.79
Listen  9. Free Me5:53£0.79
Listen10. Free 'N' Easy2:43£0.79
Listen11. Gypsy4:34£0.79
Listen12. Look At Yourself8:15£0.79
Listen13. July Morning11:00£0.79
Listen14. Easy Livin'5:48£0.79
Listen15. Sunrise5:34£0.79
Listen16. Lady In Black6:04£0.79

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