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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trust: Live in Germany 1982; Full Concert Feat. Nicko McBrain

Trust is a French rock band closely associated with both AC/DC and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. They rose to fame in 1979 and 1980 with a music mixing hard rock influences, acerbic social and political commentary, anarchist and anti-Soviet undertones and a renegade attitude

Nicko McBrain was with the band in 1981 &1982. He recorded 2 albums with them: "Marche Ou Crève" and "Savage". Nicko McBrain quit the band after "Savage" to join Iron Maiden. He was replaced by Clive Burr. Iron Maiden and Trust pretty much switched drummers.

Bernard "Bernie" Bonvoisin - vocal
Norbert "Nono" Krief - guitar
Mohamed Shemlek - guitar
Yves Brusco - bass
Nicko McBrain - drums

1) Grande Illusion
2) Solitude
3) Savage
4) Repression
5) Death Instinct
6) La Junte
7) Paris Is Still Burning
8) Les Brutes
9) In The Name Of The Race
10) Les Templiers
11) The Sects
12) Your Final Gig
13) Get Out Your Claws
14) Mr. Comedy
15) Antisocial
16) L'Elite
17) Pick Me Up Put Me Down

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