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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nazareth: "Hair of the Dog; Live in Texas 1981; Complete Concert

First I'd like to stress two points:

a) this DVD contains exactly the same material as "Live in Texas" DVD released in 2004. 

b) this is not "Hair of the Dog Live", it's rather "The Fool Circle Live" or "'SNAZ" with material from 6-piece band 1981 USA tour. 

But hey! - Nazareth "Hair of the Dog", live in Texas, 1981 rocks big time anyway! 

Set list: 

1. Telegram 

2. Razamanaz 

3. Do Everything 

4. Holiday 

5. Hearts Grown Cold 

6. Cocaine 

7. Let Me Be Your Leader 

8. Dressed to Kill 

9. Pop The Silo 

10. Love Hurts 

11. Hair of the Dog 

12. Expect No Mercy 

13. Shape of Things 

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